Thursday, June 30, 2005

Photo #38: Big Big Birdie

This awesome birdie attacked me when I was in London (where Wimbledon is). I was very upset but not as upset as the birdie when I attacked it right back with my trusted morakniv! No! No way I did something like that! Just kidding! But seriously, somebody must have carved its beak or something. Makes it look a little bit more like Maria Sharapova or Michelle Wie if you ask me. (Go ahead! Ask me! Ask me anything!) If you want the truth about my encounter with the big big birdie....? Ok. It saw me, took a few steps in my direction and I got scared and walked away. You would have done the same. That much I can promise. It was scary! Scary like a shark attack!!! London is a battlefield, scientology sucks and this is really just a poor attempt to do some zeitgeist blogging.


Michelle Mitchell said...

and a fine one she is too :-)

Uncle Sammy said...

Fine? That bird is possessed by SATAN!

Sara said...

Most things in London are.

Michelle Mitchell said...


I'm Patrick!! said...

You a tennis fan, Uncle? Or just a fan of tennis venues?

Uncle Sammy said...

Me a tennis fan and a fan of all kinds of venues.

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