Monday, June 20, 2005

Photo #31: The Evil Moon

Yes, I'm back from Dalarna. I did many fascinating things. For example: I met a cat. I ate food. I drank beer. I made a fire and I was one of two guys naked in a hot tub.

At the party upstairs, Mr. Mackey gives the Broflovskis and Marshes a tour of his home and leads them out to the hot tub, which was installed just recently. The wives leave Randy and Gerald outside and they declare the present evening to be a night of experimenting. The two talk about threesomes and soon enter the hot tub and self pleasure each other. This leads to awkwardness after Randy questions his sexuality.

Since Superblog!! remains a G-rated family blog I think I must add that the hot tub was awesome in size (just like our penises) and except for Carlsberg there wasn't much self pleasure. Still, we had a good time and I thought of trying to capture it with my splendid Konica Minolta Z5 but decided to go for the moon instead.


Koala Mentala said...

Konica Minolta! That's almost my name!

Cindy-Lou said...

Why is the moon evil? Don't you know my name means moon and I'm practically an angel.

Uncle Sammy said...

Sometimes the moon makes people like me crazy and that's evil.
I'm glad there's good moon people like you!