Monday, June 20, 2005

Haven't We Seen This Pic Before?

Let's explore this Spider-Man cover further. At first I was just going to update the old Superblog!! post, but then I decided to repost it because the only ones who read old posts are stupid googlers. (You're not a stupid googler, are you?)

Anyway. What's under discussion is the cover to Marvel Knights Spider-Man #5, by Mark Millar and Frank Cho. In the comments below the original entry, Superblog!! fan "Spidercrazy" basically asked, "What's so gay about this image?"


1. The image is dominated by a large phallic symbol a.k.a. penis.
2. Said penis is yielded by DR COCKTOPUS a.k.a. DOC COC.
3. Spider-Man follows the penis (get it?)...
4. ...thereby turning away from (i.e. rejecting) the woman on the ground.
5. As if that wasn't clear enough in itself, the woman is actually displaying her ass in a submissive way, signaling her readiness to be nailed by Spider-Man. See? She knows Spider-Man prefers sodomy to vaginal sex, and is willing to meet him halfway. But is that good enough for Spider-Man? Nooo.

Other interpretations of the image are possible, but they all come down to gayness. Spider-Man's gay, readers of this comic are gay, and so are you.


Sara said...

Spider-Man isn't gay. He just dances around in a gay, gay way.

Anonymous said...

So can your next posting be able Batman and Robin? Any man that allows a boy to share a cave with him, there is something wrong with him.

Moocko said...




Koala Mentala said...

Dear Anonymous,

We've blogged about Bats several times, most prominently here.