Monday, June 06, 2005

Photo #26: Nekobasu on Midsummer Pole

So..what do you do when you have no inspiration? You recycle! Today my dear Nekobasu checks out a Swedish midsummer pole. They come in bigger sizes too. Other than this? Well, screw the National Day and wait for the real thing. Midsummer's Eve!

The weekend closest to the "real" midsummer day is when the Swedes hold their big summer festival, vaguely descended from a pagan summer solstice festival. This feast is celebrated in the heart of the great outdoors, and in the days before Midsummer Swedes leave towns and cities for country cottages, camping sites and marinas.

Actually, it's all about eating pickled herring, getting wasted, puke and then have some more herring and some more vodka (or whatever there is containing alcohol).

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Moocko said...

Ooh! More adventures with Nekobasu!!