Friday, September 29, 2006

Photo #112: The Afe

We all remember The Goo and now SUPERBLOG!! semi proudly presents........ The Afe !!!!!
Please keep in mind that this picture was taken while driving in like 80 mph thus risking the life of me, aunt Sammy and baby Sam. And yes, to be considered for this kind of special treatment you all need to change your nick so it fits on Swedish licence plates. That was all. Keep your powder dry and your head wet.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

U diss ME, I diss U

Don't think I haven't noticed how you fuckers have consistently avoided commenting on my blog entries the last week or so (or however long it's been i can't keep track of all my wheelings and dealings) EVEN WHEN the blog entry in question was completely fucking AWESOME (case in point the mary worth one yesterday, too lazy to link to it but if you're reading this like TODAY or in the immediate future rather than in a few weeks or later it's just a bit below this blog entry i'm righting write now). SO. ANYWAY. I think that's sucky behavior on your part especially when you know how emotionally unstable i am you think i have a lot of things in life to be happy about well do you? well it's just not so, and when you DON'T COMMENT i feel HURT and REJECTED and have to go out and have sex with strange women stuck in loveless marriages just to feel validated AND THAT'S NOT HEALTY. Neither is it ethical. But if that's the worst thing i'll burn in hell for i'll have you count myself lucky i guess. SO. YEAH. i've been thinking a lot about global warming lately, what do you think? I saw that Al Gore film and he should have been president right? But i remember he was a complete and utter ass back in 2000 so he deserved to lose. (except he didn't he sort of won, didn't he? and anyway he would have been a thousand times better than that fucking monkey man but everybody knows that i'm not telling u anything new) I was on a bus when the towers fell. I had just had a fight with my then-girlfriend now mortal enemy. It took me awhile before I realized what had happened, but i had a sort of ominous feeling while walking home from the bus stop. Nobody said anything though. Where were you?


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Toxic Avenger

Tallinn - Estonian maritime authorities on Tuesday rejected a demand by the environmental activist group, Greenpeace, to impound the Panamanian-registered vessel Probo Koala, suspected of dumping toxic waste in waters off Ivory Coast.

Mary Worth

Fuck Spider-Man IV: The Quest for Peas and Ghost World and shit. This is the best comics adaptation ever. More here.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Photo #111: Sammy Bathes

Yeah, well I meant to upload a picture of a vedeldad badtunna..
But Withnail & I is interesting too. It's a very inspiring movie. See it.

Withnail is a Harrow educated dilettante, and rather upper crust; his flatmate Marwood is a grammar school boy with a slightly more realistic outlook on life. To escape from the squalor of their grim, unemployed, existence in Camden Town, soaked in a near lethal cocktail of alcohol and drugs, the desperate pair call upon the generosity of Withnail's uncle Montague and secure the use of his cottage in the country for a weekend.

I ordered that photo above from somewhere but haven't framed it yet. Me and Koala are very much like Withnail and him. Once some drunk person said so. We don't know if I'm Withnail or if I'm I? Maybe Koala is Withnail? Nobody knows. What aboot the vedeldad badtunna? Someone I know had a birthday and he rented a vedeldad badtunna and me and more people drank lots of beer and the beer was dunk in the tunna. Great fun. Hangover now. Goodbyeallfornow.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Wash Your Ass

God bless James Kochalka.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Photo #110: White Rabbit Goes to Church

Follow him. Always. If you don't you'll catch fire and nobody will care.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Lesser Evil Reigns Supreme!

Just this once, democracy worked! In accordance with God's plan, Teddy Freddy Reinfeldt beat the snot out of Goeran and is now Benevolent Dictator of Sweden. O, joyous day!

Goeran was perhaps the most prominent of SUPERBLOG!!'s many, many enemies, but we never wrote a comprehensive blog entry explaining exactly why he was Bad For Sweden. And now we won't ever have to, because he is consigned to history's trash heap, and in a year or two nobody will remember him. Because people will be too busy cowering under... the Iron Fist of Fredrik!

SUPERBLOG!! entries mentioning Goeran

SUPERBLOG!! entries mentioning Goran/Göran (alternate spelling)

SUPERBLOG!! entries mentioning boobs

SUPERBLOG!! entries mentioning breakfast

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Internet Will Not Be Torched!

King Fredrik won and pork chops Göran lost and Sweden is now a better place.
Thank you Jebus.

I Surprise

I blog more later if my team wins. My team is The alliance for Sweden. If the opponents, The alliance against Sweden, wins I'll torch the Internet and all will die.


It's a thing I say. Not shit you, I do. I have a few things I sorta say when the going gets tough and/or tame, and Christalicious! is chief among them.

So. I just finished off a friend's bottle of whiskey and some chicken beer, and RARELY have I felt more sober.

But. Did you know that 2-fucking-day is ELECTION DAY in Proud Sweden, land of Vikings and Venereal Disease? I am willing to bet that you did not. Know that. But yeah. It's the fucking whale day.

We'll maybe tell you more about it after a good night's sleep (it's 3am right now). But! I have to take a fucking 5-hour train ride tomorra, and it would surprise me a hell of a lot if I'd use that time to blog about the election. So it's all up to Sammy. And he'll probably drop the ball. But! He might surprise us!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Am Tired

and so will all of you be and I will continue my sun dance across the cyberspace and goodnight and fuck you bloggerpostypicturething for not working. Excellent blogging just went out the window and down to the bad people down there.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Today it is exactly five years since the dramatic events of September 12, 2001. As I recall, it wasn't a very good day (in fact, the entire week was pretty sucky), but that's all in the past and now we're all SAFE and Osama is BEHIND BARS.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Hatch!

I am back in Sweden and the World. I have had many adventures and misadventures, but mostly neither. I have learned that modern life is rubbish. I have done stupid things and smart things. I have done stupid things that disguised themselves as smart things, and vice versa. That is all there is to say.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Crazy Frog Bros


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photo #107 - 109: Koo Koo Koo

Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlll !!!!


I'm a drill and I drill.

I feel that we're nearing the end of the longest road.
Futile. Futon. Fierce.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

To Copenhagen and Beyond

Hope you've enjoyed the insane amount of blogging the last few days, cos now I'm going away again. This time, I'm flying to Denmark, home of the Mohammad cartoons.

As today is SUPERBLOG!!'s Snack Sunday, have a danish. Goodbye!

KoalaCam #20: Terrifying Mutant Cheese Ball

Click it! Click it! Make with the clickie! It's like six cheese balls in one. Ghastly! Gorgeous! Genius! How can such a monstrosity be allowed to EXIST?! Is there no GOD?! Also check out my sexy, naked, sexy foot.

Yes! It's Snack Sunday here at SUPERBLOG!!. The snacks are the law here. Beautiful and merciless.

I think I may be slightly drunk. But! I also think I'm not nearly drunk enough.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photo #106: The Green Giant Penis

You can barely see the Hulk but he stood in all his glory on some sort of a carousel on this market fair we wandered for a while. Can you see his giant throbbing green penis? Neither can I.

Here's She Hulk. Never met her.

Found Hulks penis. It's big and green. Hulk's not a two hump chump.

SamStyle blogging RuLez.

KoalaCam #19: The Car Kept Following Me

So. I was still in Gothenburg, and I thought I had left fearful Falun behind. But the FaluMobile (driven by Falun's mayor) was hot on my trail. Yeah, the car looks stupid, but we all knew it was a brutal killing machine in disguise. Only one man was brave enough to stand up to the Mayor of Mobile Mayhem. His name was David Carradine, and now he's dead.

KoalaCam #18: Bunnies Freak Me Out

Three months ago, I visited Liseberg in Gothenburg, the front hole of Sweden. It's a place of bunnies and rides. I didn't join in, because condoms were scarce, and disease was rampant. The bunnies' fur had a sickly green hue.

I apologize for the lousy picture quality. If I could make it up to you all, I would.

KoalaCam #17: Splashy Frog in Livelong

This is an example of what I call SamStyle blogging: putting up a photo you've taken to illustrate a point that's only clear in your own mind and with little in the way of context and abetted with eccentric grammar and turns of phrasing.

What does the frog have to do with Carla Gugino? Everything.

Carla Gugino Saturday #2

Just now I'm listening to the audio commentaries on Sin City. So that's related to Carla Gugino. Now I'm gonna go do the laundry. 999,999,998 posts to go.

Carla Gugino Saturday

As promised yesterday, today I will write 1,000,000,000 SUPERBLOG!! posts (give or take 3 or 4), and they will all have something to do with Carla Gugino. This is Post #1, and it's related to Carla Gugino in the sense that she's mentioned in all the sentences that this blog entry consists of.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Today's Thousandth Post!

Nah, I failed in my mission. But I did write ten or so excellent SUPERBLOG!! entries in a few hours (in between doing important stuff), and that's more than ten times better than usual. Especially when you factor in another four or five posts from Sam Spam. This is a far cry from Blank Post Friday!

Tomorrow I will try writing a billion posts, and each and every one of them will be related in some way to Carla Gugino. Yes! Join SUPERBLOG!! again tomorrow for our first ever Carla Gugino Saturday!

Friendly Reminder #2

Where Are You?

Friendly Reminder #1


Photo #105: Two Chairs

It's... two chairs.

Welcome to Europe !!!!

Welcome to the continent made of beer and socialism !!!

Things to do in Europe...

Visit Danish beer factory.

That's about it.

TV Tropes

Do you watch tv? I don't. But some do, I've heard. Learn TeeVee!:

I Want You To Meet An Old Friend Of Mine

Trapped By Mountain Lions

The Kimberly (pictured above)

Too Dumb To Live

Idiot Ball

Animation Animation Animation Animation

I not write much more but quote instead:

Fifty NFB animated shorts, including several animation classics, can be accessed directly from this section. You can search them by title, director and year of production.
Select a film and watch it now!

The link.

Just Do It!!

Now you must post like a sweaty bastard Koala! If my calculations are correct (and they are since I'm the Swedish Perelman or whatever) you must post like three posties each minute until midnight! Can you do it? Hell yes! You're the blog sensation of our time! We have trust in you. And so on and so forth.

Music Music Music Music Music

This is, what? The seventh or eighth SUPERBLOG!! entry today? I'm starting to think I won't get to a thousand. Anyway, here's a link: Stylus Magazine’s Top 100 Music Videos of All Time.

UPDATE SEP 2: Idiots! Hundreds of you clicked that link without telling me it's the wrong one! I fixed it now but it's more than you deserve.

This Is Allan

His name is Allan and he blogs mostly about the hood and about old music he likes. Allan is extremely old and he brags about it.

Any blogger who is older than me hasn't made contact yet.In a comment it has been said that there might bea 92 year old japanese who is currently blogging.Who knows?

If you want to visit Allan and pay your respects you need to go to Finspång, also known as Egghead Village.

(If Koala only reaches 999 posts this one may count too.)

Commander Cuckoo Bananas

Simpsons clip here.

(Found its way into Urban Dictionary.)

Post #5 of 1000: Supes

I liked Superman Returns and the original films but Losing Lois Lane is clearly the best Superman movie ever. Or is it? Yes it is.

Some informative information here.

Post #4

If I were a girl I would be Hope from Hope Is Emo.

(Just 996 posts to go before midnight.)


Oops, I walked my cousin to the train and then bought a few DVDs and then I walked around for awhile and when I came home I'd forgotten about my promise. Stupid cousin! Stupid train! Stupid DVD store! Perhaps the only object in this sordid tale that isn't stupid is... me.

997 blog entries to go in six and a half hours. Should be a cinch.

KoalaCam #16: Sam Spam

View from the floor outside my hotel room in Germany this Spring. From the same photo session as this.

998 posts to go.

I Will Blog A Thousand Times Today

Spacetime: 11.30 AM. I have just returned home after a harrowing two hours of work. This blog entry is the first of a projected THOUSAND (1000) SUPERBLOG!! posts today. The purpose of this insane project is manifold. I will start telling you about it in post #2, to be published later today (well, duh).