Thursday, June 30, 2005

Superblog!! Site of the Day

You know we sometimes like to kid around here on Superblog!! But today I want to ask you to sit still for a few seconds and listen to the sad but sweet story behind Brad & Karen's Adoption Webpage. You see, Brad and Karen were high school sweethearts who married after college and had two wonderful boys. Unfortunately:

Karen had a very difficult second pregnancy, and as a result, we are unable to have anymore biological children. We have always dreamed of having lots of children, so we have turned to adoption to realize that dream. We believe that there is a baby who God intends to be a part of our family.
And perhaps YOU, dear Superblog!! visitor, has given birth to that baby? If so, go to Brad & Karen's Adoption Webpage today! If this results in a transaction, we ask that you please donate a percentage of your profits to Superblog!!, so we can continue to provide this free service.


The Stalker said...

Why are you so gay, Fraggle? I ask out of concern. You'll never get any children that way!

Koala Mentala said...

Uh... Scotty? Didn't I just ask you the same question?

Ah, you deleted it. So I don't think you're asking out of concern, you're just sarcastically reproducing my comment.

But of course I'll have kids, you HOMOPHOBE. I'll either adopt, or hire a surrogate mother. Oh wait, I'm not gay.

bernice said...

I just adore that doll! I had one just like it when I was young. It belonged to my cousin, Louisa, but I got it after she was kidnapped and disappeared. It was a real nice store bought doll, not like the handmade sock puppets I played with previously. Louisa named her Mrs Buttons, but I renamed her Baby.

Good luck to Brad and Karen in adopting. They seem like loving parents and it's wonderful that they want to open their home and hearts to more children. Bless them all.


Koala Mentala said...

Bernice, it's awesome to hear from you again. Remember that time we stomped that guy? You know, the old guy with the money? I wonder what happened to him. I still have some of his teeth tied up in a necklace!

(I don't wear it, though. I'm not some kind of nut.)