Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Stiller, Coogan Revive Snobbar som jobbar


US film star Ben Stiller and British comic Steve Coogan will bring The Persuaders to the big screen more than 30 years after the hit television series debuted, the industry press said on Tuesday.

Stiller and Coogan have signed on to play the playboy adventurers originally incarnated by Tony Curtis and Roger Moore in the British series first broadcast in 1971, Daily Variety said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer Grant Morrison is in negotiations to adapt his We3 comic book into a feature film for New Line Cinema.

We3 was a three-issue limited series written by Morrison and drawn by Frank Quitely. It revolved around three pets -- a dog, a cat and a bunny -- kidnapped from their homes by the government and hard-wired into military battle suits, turning into robo-assassins.

My penis size is average when erect but very small when flaccid. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal. Many men are quite small when flaccid but average, or bigger, when erect. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help the many men who suffer from embarrassment in the locker room! Some men report stimulating their penis to a semi-erect state before getting changed or showering just to avoid exposing their small flaccid state to other men!


Sara said...

I love Steve Coogan!
And I love your hard penis!

Inappropriate, maybe?

Koala Mentala said...

Thank you for commenting on this incredibly stupid entry. It means a lot to me, darling.

Sara said...

You've linked to my stupid blog, so let's call it even.
And I really do have a huge silly fangirl crush on Steve Coogan.