Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Photo #33: Blurry Blur

This is what usually happens when we are out drinking beer to celebrate the success of Superblog!! Things get a little blurry and Koala isn't exactly a master photographer as you can see. Well, a little bit arty perhaps? We all have different skills. I'm good at watching movies and I have frickin great skills when it comes to handling my octagon ball bearing nunchakus!
If you are interested in purchasing your own nunchucks try these!

Combination Minichuck/JumpropeBlack foam handles are the key accessory here. The ball bearing swivel joints change make switching easy from an 8 in. minichuck with chain to a nylon corded jumprope in seconds. $12.95

That's very clever! First you let other people believe that you are just a sissy with a jumprope and then in seconds you turn into a raving maniac and beat the shit out of them!


Sara said...

What a fantastic photo!

Way better then Teletubbies.
I'd post my blurry picture but nothing can top the awesomeness that is "Blurry Blur".

Moocko said...

Sara, you'd really say/do anything to get your hands on Koala's penis, wouldn't you?


Koala Mentala said...

I like you, Sara. You're way better than the Teletubbies. Even Tinky Winky.

Sara said...

Moocko, please. We all know that you started this "Polo" crap just to get Koala's attention.

Moocko said...

Hush, my child.