Thursday, June 16, 2005

To Dalarna and Beyond

Greetings healthy people and Koala. The mighty picture sharing program Hello is sick (coughs about network connections and things) too so there can be no photo blogging tonight. But next week I'll show you my new exciting ice cream wrappings pictures! Tomorrow I am very much going to Dalarna. That's like Montana (but in Sweden). People talk and act strange and they are very good at making their own booze. If I see a computer I will blog (or surf for porn).

The province and county of Dalarna (which was called Kopparberg county until 31 December 1996) coincide geographically, with a few exceptions.

The south and the north meet in Dalarna. The southern portion of the county holds the Bergslagen area, with its mines and plains abundant with farming communities. Lake Siljan is steeped in flowering meadows and overlooked by distant blue mountains. The northern territory is Sweden's southernmost mountain landscape. And everything is embraced by the mighty Dalälven river.


Sara said...

I would surf for porn.

But that's me. Have a good trip!

Uncle Sammy said...

From the bottom of my heart I thank you Sara!

ps. blog on sick boy! ds.