Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is Kind of Hot

But, they tell me, she's also a bitch. You know all that money that was supposed to go to tsunami victims? She took it all and went out and bought a diamond panda. A diamond panda!! What the fuck are you supposed to do with one of those?

Here's a tasteful website, created by a (female) fan. You can send fanmail (or poo!) to Madde, as we Swedes call her, via this address:

HRH Princess Madeleine (HKH Prinsessan Madeleine)
Stockholm Slott
111 30 Stockholm
But what I really wanted to tell you about is this:

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden [we just call him Kungen] had enough and removed the pictures of his daughter Madeleine in the low-cut red dress from a Swedish website. The King of Sweden saw red when the website published pictures from the Nobel gala in 2002 where Princess Madeleine was wearing a very low-cut dress [...] Over the picture, the website wrote «So cute, oh so horny.» [...] It’s ironic that it is we, the tax payers, which provide the family with Sweden’s largest social security check, money which is paying for your lawyers. It is well known that the daddy in the family is no intelligent giant.
That's a bit unfair, though. Not everyone can be an intelligent giant.


Matthew said...

Wow, she's a fox. A jewel encrusted fox.

Anonymous said...

Is she next in line to be Queen of Sweden if anything should happen to the current ruler?

Koala Mentala said...

Nah, cos she's the youngest. This is the crown princess.

Anonymous said...

Princess Madeleine is my love!

Matthew said...

Are all Swedish women foxes or just this family?

Also, on Howard Stern they played a clip from a Swedish Newsreporter farting on air. You know any streams of that?

The Stalker said...

If there was a English Queen like that on the throne back in 1776 there would never of been a American Revolution. And without a USA who would police the world?

Koala Mentala said...

1. Vickie's only marginally attractive. A lot of people consider her a dog. However...

2. The average Swedish chick is indeed pretty hot compared to what most other nations spew out.

3. Swedes don't fart on air. Maybe it was a Norwegian and they made a mistake?

Moocko said...

I don't find Madde hot at all.

Princess Madeleine fan said...

See the new Princess Madeleine site:
Much more hot content there! :)