Sunday, March 27, 2005

William Hung Reigns Supreme

If you're not American (and who is?), odds are you've never heard of the galaxy's brightest-shining star, William Hung, dubbed as the "Hong Kong Ricky Martin" and "A Real American Idol":

A student at UC Berkeley, William studies Civil Engineering, but his dream is to make music his career. William has true talent, and has captured the hearts of Americans across the country who watched him sing and dance his heart out on Tuesday, January 27. Since his TV debut, William has gathered a large fan base. Nobody ceases to be amused by his comical dance moves and earnest rendition of "She Bangs". Because we respect William's true talent and comical ability, we have decided to create this fan club dedicated to William himself.
Actually, the "comedy" is unintentional, and stems from the fact that William is obviously completely lacking in talent. In short, William's fame is mostly of the point-and-laugh variety. (See for instance this video of his American Idol audition, in which two judges vainly try to contain their mirth.) Still, I bet he makes plenty more money than I do, the retarded Asian fucker. Also, he seems to be swimming in pussy.

I first discovered William Hung while surfing the net severely hung-over (no pun intended), and I think his music is best appreciated in that context. In particular, I find that his rendition of "We are the Champions" takes on added significance when you're full of anxiety, feel like puking, and are desperately trying to piece together the events of the previous night.

Therefore, I urge all Superblog!! visitors to go out drinking tonight (yes, it's okay to drink on Sundays), come back early morning, grab some sleep, and then watch some of these videos.


Footnote #1: Lest we get accusations of rasism and whatever they call it when you're prejudiced against "special" people, I shold maybe point out that I actually have nothing against retarded Asians. Me calling him a "fucker" above is unrelated to his ethniticity and mental deficiencies.

Footnote #2: The closest Swedish approximation of William Hung is 12-year-old sex god Darin... or maybe celebrated Elvis impersonator Eilert Pilarm. Or someone else - what the fuck do I know?

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Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

Yeah, he's a trainwreck, but he's getting major tail. Ain't nuthin funny about that.