Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Superblog!! of God

Amazing but true! I have several minutes for leisure and relaxation. Better blog some and ease the abstinence. As I have complained earlier, internet costs you dearly when you don't have the time to search for cheaper places. The Blue Tree Hotel charges me $8.50 per hour for blogging. (It should be free since Superblog!! serves mankind.) Other things are cheaper here. Yesterday I had my shoes shined at the Copacabana boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro. It cost me $4 (well I bargained it down to $2 but gave him $4 anyway). That's me! The great philanthropist. Bonus information: The boy looked exactly like this! Now it's more like amazing, scary and true. If you can't afford to go to Rio, rent a movie.

Conclusion: If you go to Brasil, forget about surfing the web. Spend your money on the well being of your shoes instead. That way your shoes will have a longer life and you will get the good warm feeling of being a philanthropist.

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