Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Five Additional Fun Facts About Linköping

Just thought I'd add a few words to Sammy's informative post, for those of you desperate for info on Linköping, or LKPG (pronounced "lick-pig").

6. Together with fellow piece-of-shit city Norrköping (pop. 124,000), Linköping (pop. 136,000) is marketing itself as "the fourth-largest urban area" in Sweden. This is a little like trying to get credit for being one of the tallest guys in the room while standing on the shoulders of another guy. A, It's cheating. B, Who cares?

7. In the last 10 years, I can remember a grand total of two Linköping events dominating the national media. One was the burning of the city library in 1996, the other a double murder in October, 2004. (One of the victims was an 8-year-old boy.)

8. The arsonist was never caught, nor was the murderer (well, so far).

9. A little-known fact about Linköping is that it's where Adolf Hitler (see picture) spent the last few years of his life. Before he died he impregnated a lot of women, which is why Linköping has a comparatively large population of NAZIS.

10. Linköping's nickname is "the Asshole of Sweden".

Okay, so I made up 9 and 10. That doesn't mean they're not true.

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