Friday, March 25, 2005

Jesus the Crossdresser !!

Enlighten your kitchen experience! Get the "Jesus Dress Up Fridge Magnets" and get them NOW!

Over 30 different articles of clothing to choose from! Let Jesus hula his way into your heart in a coconut bra and grass skirt, or make Him be the bad boy in His favorite leather pants and skull T-shirt!

If you can't wait to crossdress Jesus you can do it online! Hours of fun awaits you !! Read more about this Superblog!! approved product at NBC.

“Jesus Dress-Up” is a magnetic crucifix with a variety of clothes and accessories.
Many people are outraged by the product, but Smith says he doesn’t see anything wrong with it.
“I don't think there's anything wrong with religious satire,” said Smith. “People have got to learn to laugh at themselves, it's part of human nature.”
Smith, who claims to be an atheist, says he's making money the same way Mel Gibson is with the "The Passion of the Christ."


ARM said...

It's sick. It's twisted. I love it.

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

P. Sophie said...

That is about the coolest thing I have done today - and I had a really bad day - that made me feel better so thank you!

Uncle Sammy said...

You were lucky. Some days you will feel worse by visiting us...
But Jesus aint involved those days!

Sean Cody said...

Hey there Mate, Thanks for sharing your point of view.
Clearly you have put a lot of thought to the topic, it's appreicated.

Have a great one.
Sean Cody