Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hulk Smash

Why nobody blog? Why Superblog!! suck so hard lately? Hulk mad now! Hulk destroy Superblog!! unless Superblog!! start ruling again soon!!

(By the way, the above image was stolen from Kippfest:"Bitch-ass!" Drs.Marhime:"Yeah Boy." John's Broertje:"Dem.". The site appears to be written in a language I don't understand. It promises nude pictures of Britney Spears but most of these are perhaps slightly disappointing. However, the picture of Britney screwing* herself is very artfully done.

*I can't say fucking because this is a family blog.)


Muse said...

I'm very afraid now.

Just wanted to stop by to say I always enjoy your talkbacks even if I don't always "get" them (Tim married a non-comic book girl but he's workin hard to change that) because your handle is awesome. Keep Blogging!

DJ Muse (aka "the wife")

Muse said...

ps...the language may be some Nordic thing - might even be Finnish (I am Finn two generations removed so I have no clue) or it might be something equally obscure. :)

Kippfest said...

FINNISH? It's DUTCH you nincompoop! Here's a translation of the cartoon:
Hulk: "Bruce becomes Hulk... Woman goes splat... Hulk not understands!!! HULK SMASH!!!!"
Box: "Bruce Banner should learn not to work himself up while having sex with his pregnant wife."
Isn't that nice? Now you DO understand!

Koala Mentala said...

Hi kids, thanks for checking in (and for the compliment)!

Being Nordic (!), I actually had a hunch the language was Dutch, but figured nobody would care. Sorry about that. I think the cartoon works better untranslated anyway.