Thursday, March 31, 2005

US Army About to Unleash their Nerds

Finally I say! Finally the arabs are starting to invent stuff again. We all remember cool things like numbers, the abacus, the kebab... Now they are getting serious about superheroes. Zein is one of them. Long live Zein, the last Pharaoh!!

Now is the new era of the homegrown Arab superhero, four of them in fact - and they look likely to give their made-in-America counterparts a run for their money.
That, at least, is the ambition of a young Egyptian company that is producing, for the first time, comic books whose main characters aren't denizens of New York or Gotham City but instead Cairo and other - sometimes imaginary - regional capitals like the "City of All Faiths."
AK Comics has produced and distributed four series of comic books, each with its own character, since spring of this year.
The flagship superhero is Zein, dubbed "The Last Pharaoh," one of the immortal sons of the final rulers of ancient Egypt before that civilization disappeared. Zein spends his time fighting evildoers, including his own brother Ho-Ra who wants to use the family's Pharaonic mega-powers to enslave mankind.

Ho-Ra by the way is Swedish for whore...well, never mind that. I'm trying to get back to the headline here. I assume that these arab superheroes have made some kind of impact over at Pentagon. The US Army are planning to create their own superheroes with some kind of an arabic twist. The masterplan in it's condensed form is:

to win the hearts of young people in the Middle East by publishing a new comic.

They are dead serious too.. Why else would they unleash their psy-op warriors?!?!

It will be based on "the security forces, military and police, in the near future in the Middle East" and is being produced by US Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
Fort Bragg is home to the army's 4th Psychological Operations Group, known as "psy-op warriors", whose weaponry includes radio transmitters, loudspeakers and leaflets.
The unit, whose slogans include Win the Mind - Win the Day and Verbum Vincet (The Word Conquers), is schooled in marketing and advertising techniques.

Hurry up kids !!! They're hiring RIGHT NOW !!

An advertisement on the US government's Federal Business Opportunities website is inviting applications for someone to develop an "original comic book series".

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