Friday, March 11, 2005

Recipe time at Superblog!!

Hey Kids! It's time for a follow-up to the follow-up!

Minutes later, the homeless man, having nearly finished the entire bowl of chili, discovers, in the bottom of the bowl - a small pile of dog turds.

Let me offer you some traditional Feijoada! Looks like dog turds but tastes just like really fat meat and black beans.

(Black beans and pork stew)

The slaves in the colonial Brazil created the "Feijoada".
They started cooking the pork meats that Farmland owners discarded such as ear, tails, feet in a big pot with black beans.
This dish became traditional all over the country. Since then, the dish was incremented with pork sirloin and sausages that transformed the menu in a famous entrée that everybody who visit Brazil have to taste.

And so I did and it aint as bad as it looks. Couldn't find any ears in my stew though, guess they were neatly sliced and unrecognizable.

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