Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Lousy Goddamn Hobbits

Hobbits think they're so cool, but you know what? They're really not:

Scientists have confirmed that the diminutive creature dubbed the hobbit discovered on the remote Indonesian island of Flores was most likely a new species of human.
Remains of the one metre-tall (3ft) creatures were found in a cave on the island alongside some tools and evidence of a fire. One specimen, a female dubbed LB1, is thought to have lived 18,000 years ago when the island was home to other bizarre animals, including elephants the size of ponies, over-sized rats and giant lizards that would dwarf the three metre-long Komodo dragons living there now.

Elephants the size of ponies! Whatever will they think of next - rhinos the size of dandruff? Speaking of hobbits, here's the new trailer for the Sin City movie. Get it? Get the connection? The connection is Elijah Wood, AKA the disgusting Frodo, who has a small part in Sin City, which is a movie that's coming out. One ring to rule them all! Or whatever.

Superblog!! is feeling strange today. It may be back to full power this evening, Central European Time. Then again, maybe not. Who can tell?

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