Friday, April 15, 2005

Racist Ice Cream "Nogger Black" Triggers Riots in Sweden

A couple of days ago, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish Day Blade) reported that "Centrum mot rasism" (Center Against Racism) has initiated a boycott against GB Glace because of their hilarious new ice cream Nogger Black.

The Center is critical of the suffix "Black" which, combined with "Nogger" and the graffiti-style logo, apparently causes associations with offensive terms like "nigger" and "negro". No shit. (Incidentally, "negro balls" has been a staple of Swedish diet for centuries.)

The ice cream in question is a licorice-flavored variation of the original Nogger ice cream, created in 1979 and dubbed thusly because it contains nougat. Or at least that's what they'd have us believe. The original has stayed clear of controversy, even though it's brown.

GB claims that though the "street" culture associations are intentional, the focus is not specifically on black culture. (Though Sweden has a comparatively large population of immigrants, few of them are black.)

Personally I think "Nogger Africa" would have been more appropriate. Then again, an all-out "Nigger Nogger" could have been awesome!


virtua tony said...

i want some of that

Sara said...

Who doesn't love politically incorrect frozen treats?
Nerds. That's who.
If you don't want to be a nerd, then you'll love Nogger Black ice cream treats.

President Preston said...

I love this ice cream. If it were a person, I would date and then hook up with them. Nogger Black forever, man.

325hjhjhfsdf87897834jhf04 said...

ay ay ay

Koala Mentala said...

I will boycott the ice cream because I hate licorice, racial insensitivity, and negroes.

Just kidding about that last part.