Saturday, April 02, 2005

A Good Squirrel is a Dead Squirrel

Fuck them! Fuck the little bastards! The following squirrels must be terminated immediately.

Asian pygmy squirrels. ( Exilisciurus)
Black flying squirrel. ( Aeromys tephromelas)
Black giant squirrel. ( Ratufa bicolor)
Gray-cheeked pygmy flying squirrel. ( Hylopetes lepidus)

That's for starters. We have to take care of the rest pretty soon. I have high hopes that Superblog!! readers around the world will unite against the woodland terrorists. For inspiration and wisdom i recommend this place. Lots of comments from folks who have grasped the seriousness of the threat.

If you ask me, squirrels come............STRAIGHT FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......
Truth be known, squirrels actually originated as a member of the rodent family. Most likely had something to do with perverted sexual activity with a rat. Think it over! The body shape, the teeth, the claws.....tree rats. It's only the bushy tail that sets them apart.


Stray Angel said...

leave them poor lil' squirrels alone u hear me!!!

Koala Mentala said...


Uncle Sammy said...

Auh! auh! auh! auh!