Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nogger + Superblog!! = True!

GB Glace, the company that brought us the racist ice cream Nogger Black also have their own matchmaking service. As you can see Nogger and Superblog!! works fairly good together (BTW: Sant is the Swedish word for True). GB Glace even says that we have a lot in common and that our children will be smart and charming.

This form of software pimping is fun for a while. Nigger and Nogger Black is a 93% match so i guess that in a way proves how racist that ice cream Nogger Black really is... The fun ends when you find out that you can't create a mismatch even if you try like hell. God and Satan love each other... Kerry and Dubya work great together..... The Pope and Lucifer should have a romantic dinner... (Hey, that one might be accurate!)
You can try to beat the machine here. Just click on the black square when you're there.

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