Sunday, April 10, 2005

Beer and Bowling

So, yeah, me and Koala were out last week. We got somewhat drunk and that extremely artistic photograph taken with my trusted s700i represents one of the places where we sometimes hang around. Very sophisticated, yes? Very interesting, no?

Maybe not but any day or week now, I'll get back to blogging about boobs, celebs, bizarre news and stuff. If you can't wait there are tons of places writing about bizarre things. Like bizarre holidays for instance. Today was golfers day and....

April 11 is . . . . Eight-Track Tape Day
April 12 is . . . . Look Up At The Sky Day
April 13 is . . . . Blame Somebody Else Day
April 14 is . . . . National Pecan Day
April 15 is . . . . Rubber Eraser Day
April 16 is . . . . National Stress Awareness Day and National Eggs Benedict Day
April 17 is . . . . National Cheeseball Day

so on and so forth..


Shamus O'Drunkahan said...

I never miss blame somebody else day. It's my day to shine at work!

Koala Mentala said...

For me, every day is Blame Somebody Else Day.

And I feel I should mention that the sign actually says "STEAK and Bowling" (though of course you're supposed to drink a lot of beer as well).