Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pull the Tube !!!

Alive, dead, coma, alive, stable, dead...? Come on!! I can't take the excitement any longer!!
Whatever, I'll try to make it. Since we're not strangers to blasphemy at Superblog!! here's a joke. Pretty harmless but maybe posting it will send me to the realm of mr Satan.

As the Pope lay dying he is visited by an angel who tells him that before he dies, God has commanded that he must make love to a young virgin so he may know and understand the earthly pleasures he gave up his whole life.The Pope argues for a while but then finally agrees to do it if certain conditions are met: "First, she must be blind so she cannot see the desecration I will perform on her body!""Second, she must be mute so she can never repeat the unspeakable act I will be performing on her body!""Third, she must be deaf so she cannot hear the unspeakable acts I will be performing on her body." The angel writes these down and begins to float away to report back to God. Just before he disappears, the Pope leans forward and says, "One last thing." "What is it," says the Angel. The Pope whispers "Big tits."

Ha ha ha ha ha !!! LOL !!!! Where do they come up with stuff like that? Ha ha ha !!! That couldn't possibly be considered blasphemy. Too much fun to be blasphemy.

Blasphemy (Greek blaptein, "to injure", and pheme, "reputation") signifies etymologically gross irreverence towards any person or thing worthy of exalted esteem.

This might be blasphemy:

Pope on a rope
In catholic middle school they taught us that god spoke through the mouth of the pope.I guess he's now speaking through a little hole in his throat.Lesson to kids: that's where hate speech will getcha!

But on the other hand. Is the pope worthy of exalted esteem? If he's not it can't be blasphemy. Hurray!!!
And Yippieee! I have mentioned the word blasphemy five times, and now six times. That's gotta count for something.


Koala Mentala said...

Ha ha ha! LOL! Fuck the Pope! I hope his death is very painful! LOL! Ho ho. :-))

Andy said...

Can't say why but I still laugh every time I see that pic...