Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You Can't Treat Me Like That!

Polite Dissent hands out the 2004 awards for the Best and Worst in Comic Book Medicine. Actually, it's limited to American "mainstream" comics (= two companies publishing superheroes), but that makes it even more amusing:

Worst Doctor:
Worst doctor not in terms of evilness, but in terms of apparent medical ability. This year’s winner is Dr. Mid-Nite. When he wasn’t bungling an autopsy, he was mistreating a heart attack (JSA #62), leaving stitches in a dirty wound (JSA #65) or handing out controlled substances like candy.

For shame! Clearly "Doctor" Mid-Nite's license should be revoked. The only physician I trust is Doctor Crocodile.

Speaking of comic book doctors, let me emphatically state that Doctor Doom's home country is not located in the Baltic states! Don't let anyone tell you it is.

Hey, this post is just weird.

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