Saturday, January 15, 2005

Israeli McDonald's Ad Spoofs Pulp Fiction

Continuing the theme of blogging about television ads for hamburger chains, McDonald's in Israel has launched a campaign that parodies the McDonald's dialogue in the movie Pulp Fiction. The McShwarma is made of lamp, because "a pig is a dirty animal", remember?

The ad is is not very funny, but it's slightly bizarre, and perhaps culturally significant. Direct link to the clip.

Footnote 1: From Israellycool:
For those not familar with Israel, the reason that the punchline in this commercial is so funny is that Israelis are not known for their "politeness" (although Israelis have hearts of gold). The commercial is thus a clever commentary on Israeli society.

Footnote 2:
Shawarma, (sometimes spelled as shwarma, schwarma or shoarma) is a Middle Eastern cuisine dish of fine ribbons of spicy lamb meat, similar to Greek gyros, Turkish döner kebab and Mexican taco al pastor.

(Oh, and here's recipe for Chicken Shwarma.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Is it originally pronounced "Sha-war-ma" or "Shwar-ma"? (Dunno if this is the right place to ask this question! Would appreciate your help though!)