Saturday, January 01, 2005

What Will 2005 Bring?

So here we are then. Another year over and a new one just begun. I don't really have anything to post, I just wanted to say thanks for joining us today, and I hope you'll stop by often in the coming weeks and months, because we have a lot of exciting stuff planned. Every year around Christmas, my co-blogger and I take a trip to Amsterdam, where we spend a week or so mapping out pretty much exactly what we think should happen with Superblog!! during the year.

This time, we felt that 2004 was a fairly good year for the blog, and we've decided to continue more or less in the same vein. For instance, I will continue to compare George W Cokehead* to Adolf Hitler whenever I can. It's not that I necessarily think an adequate comparison can be made, it's just so much fun to rile up Conservatives like Uncle Sammy. Meanwhile, Sammy will doubtless continue to drunkenly defend his yucky heroes, and make fun of Michael Moore.

Mostly, though, I guess we'll strive to educate and entertain, just like in the recent past. Because if we don't, who will? It's not like there's a lot of other blogs out there that provide this service. Superblog!! is the only game in town, and you know it.

Stay cool.

Keep on rocking.

Everything will be just fine.

(*Not that there's anything WRONG with being a cokehead, mind you.)

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