Thursday, January 06, 2005

Advocating this?

Holy crap! You might be right Koala in your comparision between USA and Norway. But it strikes me that you fail to mention that Norway does not like USA have a Pacific command. USA are contributing good taxdollars by sending stuff like this.

INDIAN OCEAN -- At the request of the Government of Indonesia, the Okinawa-based 3rd Marine Division, as United States Support Group - Indonesia, is providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to the people of Indonesia who were affected by the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami. USSG-I is currently coordinating the relief efforts underway by the USS Abraham Lincoln, and deploying 400 Marines, 6 CH-46 medium-lift helicopters and other engineering and medical equipment aboard the USS Fort McHenry from Okinawa to Indonesia in support of on-going relief operations.

I guess that you could include that and still find Norway to be more generous in THIS matter. Australia is now the leading country concerning the tsunami relief. My point was that all in all, USA are contributing more aid than any other country. Your opinion that you still should have a saying in how USA spend other money reminds me about pure and evil communism.

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