Friday, January 14, 2005

Jesus Schmesus

If you are like me and get most of your kicks from randomly writing things in the address field of your browser... Chances are that you stumble across where you eventually will find some pretty darn good excuses for not letting Jesus invade your privacy!

I am a good person anyway, why do I need Jesus?
You found Superblog!! and have thereby already proven your qualities. Well done Sir/Madam!

I am too bad to be saved!
Yes, and bad equals fun. Do you really want to cancel all those future nights of bowling, babes and vodka galore?

I need to get some things straightened out before I get saved.
Indeed you do! Like exploring the sexual fantasies of Gummy Bears or you could finally have that Full-day ZERO-G Experience!! Keep in mind that Jesus has not to my knowledge ever approved of sexual fantasies or floating around naked in zero-g. Ergo, if Jesus does not approve of it, then you probably have found another thing you should get straightened out.

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