Thursday, January 06, 2005

USA, Dad of the world

That's comedy! Of course USA is to blame one more time! It must be absolutely forbidden to check other countries efforts whatsoever.. Take a view at this.

The latest official statistics show that, so far, Saudi Arabia has pledged $10 million, the small Gulf state of Qatar has promised to donate $25 million, the United Arab Emirates is offering $2 million and Bahrain another $2 million.
In contrast, Norway is contributing more than $180 million, Britain $96 million, Sweden $80 million, and Denmark $55 million to tsunami relief.

It is time for these countries to step up their support too. Perhaps it is tasteless to jump at any other country than USA?

Columnist Charles Krauthammer:

"We are six percent, or less, of the world's population," Krauthammer told his fellow "Fox News Sunday" panelists. "We give almost half [of the global foreign aid]. ... We give 60 percent of all the food aid on the planet." And that's not all: "We maintain a military infrastructure that keeps the peace in the world," he noted. "We are the only people who do that."
"It's simply irresponsible to talk about the United States as anything other than the most generous nation in the world," Krauthammer said.

The problem is that even if USA gives the most AND are ridding the world of dictators.....for some it's just never enough.

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