Friday, January 28, 2005

The Amazing Aviating Million Dollar Superblog!!
(of Flying Daggers)

Hooray for Hollywood! It's Oscars time! And it's hobbit free!
My prediction is that 2005 will be the year of The Aviator. I've seen half of it now and it's not bad, can even turn out to be really good. We might have really good and we have big budget (112 million dollars), Scorsese and DiCaprio (their turn now) and above all: Mental illness!!!

As a young man, Hughes evidently contracted syphilis, and in his later years he was plagued with neurosyphilis, which is marked by a degeneration of brain cells that can lead to paranoia and other symptoms. In addition, as a test pilot Hughes was involved in numerous plane crashes that some researchers presume resulted in brain injury.

Bet you all a dollar! Mental illness is something they appreciate a lot in Hollywood...

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