Sunday, January 30, 2005

Who is Mr William Cutya?

You know what? Of course you don't, I haven't told you yet. It's like this:

The creators of Superblog!! like to waste money on stupid electronic quiz games at stupid pubs in vain attempts at dethroning the reigning champions. This is our way of trying to prove that we're the smartest guys in Linköping (a pretty shitty city in Sweden). As can be seen from the picture above, this doesn't work, the reason being that when the idea hits us we're generally already inebriated. (Stupid Mårten! You're going down.)

To avoid being hunted down by fans, instead of using our birth names (Koala and Uncle), we go by the combined alias of Mr William Cutya, Esq.

So if you happen to be playing stupid electronic quiz games at stupid pubs one stupid night and you notice W. Cutya's name on the high score list... just walk away.

Update, Jan 31st: Somebody informed me today that "Mårten" doesn't exist but is just a name put on the list to trick people like me and Sammy into spending our hard-earned cash on the machine. I sure feel stupid now, though I guess the fact that Mårten is fictitious doesn't really change anything. He's still going down.

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