Saturday, January 08, 2005


The U.N. is a great organisation when it works but with the oil-for-food scandal not properly investigated yet it would be kind of nice if the U.N. could try to restrain themselves.. It doesn't seem like self-evident that the U.N. should handle ALL the relief for the tsunami victims.

Anytime a particular organization is aggressively pursuing control of a huge pot of money, we ought to be suspicious. But, in this case, the U.N. and its employees have an established record of mishandling and perhaps even pilfering large sums that were supposed to provide humanitarian assistance.

In other news, this IS getting headlines but imagine the size of those headlines if it was about US troops in Iraq.

From 72 allegations of abuse by military and civilian personnel, the OIOS was able to compile 20 case reports, of which one civilian case and six military cases were substantiated.
A French civilian staff member took pornographic photos of young girls performing sex acts and is facing prosecution in France after the U.N. sent him home.

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