Monday, January 03, 2005

Viva animals!

In the aftermath of the the tsunami it has been proved that:

Elephants are good.

Six jumbos, who featured in Oliver Stone's recent blockbuster "Alexander," were trucked in from an elephant camp in the ancient capital Ayuthaya, 500 miles north of shattered Phuket island, to help speed up the search operation.
"We use the elephants because a truck can't pass through the thick forest," said trainer Laitonglian Meepan as he yelled commands at the giant beasts to move through the thick mangrove.
"The elephant is like a four-wheel drive. They walk in the forest all their life."

Dogs are good too.

"That dog grabbed me by the collar of my shirt," the boy said from under some trees at Pondicherry University, where the family is waiting for relief. "He dragged me out."

Human beings are as always both good and bad.

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