Monday, January 24, 2005

Freedom is Just 1456 Days Away!

Peter David is a writer I have very little interest in, but he's taken an interesting initiative:

Since freedom is so important to the President that he felt the need to mention the word over two dozen times in his speech, we here at felt that--in the interest of a new spirit of bipartisanship and cooperation--we should try to spread the concept of freedom wherever and whenever possible.

Hence the "Freedom Clock," which
[...] will be ticking down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until this country is finally free of George W. Bush...barring premature departure such as impeachment or being tried for war crimes, or an extended stay should some bright Republicans try to repeal Section one of the 22nd Amendment (which I doubt they'd do since it would free up Clinton to run again, and they won't want to risk that.)

Bah, forget Dubya and Clinton. Sure, Slick Willy was cool, but if the 22nd Amendment is repealed, I know who I'd vote for. Ronald Reagan's corpse.

Anyway, the Freedom Clock is available here.

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