Friday, February 25, 2005

Our Wacky Neighbors #3: Wills, Fags, and Greeks

Maybe you know the drill by now. Every few weeks, we encourage Superblog!! visitors to check out three other Blogspot sites by publishing a sample from each blog. (Here are the first and second installments.) The selection process is scientific TO THE MAX! - mostly we click on "Next Blog" up in the corner and see what turns up. But we do practice some sort of quality control, making sure that the featured blogs are interesting.


I have decided to post a living will right here on my blog. That way it's out there for the world to see should anything happen. This I do to remove any doubts about my wishes thus hopefully avoiding a battle between the right to die and the right to live chaos that reigns.

In my early 20's I began having a sexual awakening of sorts. I fantasized about guys my age, and strangely enough, I fantasized about being raped by them, but I couldn't equate my fantasies with being queer. I just thought I was a straight guy who liked to fool around with other guys. Didn't all guys think that way? Ok, so the rape thing was a little out there, but guys couldn't really possibly like having sex with something that smelled like fish(this I knew from first hand experience) could they? No way!

You Think Ya Know But You Have NO Idea!:
Well guys...we all made it thru to friday! WOOOHOO! hehe i ended up workin last night for Christa...shes pregnant and sick and couldnt make it in to work. I felt bad. I really didnt wanna but i did it anyways. she was bitchin to me all day how shes soo sick..pukin...the whole 9 goddamn yards..and she practically begged for me to work...and how she tried to get someone else to cover but she couldnt. so she gave me the guilt trip. No i didnt fall for it...

That's all this time. Check them out, and then join us again here in a couple of weeks for another exciting edition of OUR WACKY NEIGHBORS!

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The Greek Princess said... lemme get this surf thru random blogs to check them out and u post the most interesting ones on your blog? does that mean mine was interestin? LOL please explain how this works! thanks in advanced! :)

Koala Mentala said...

Every single day, a team of experts examine a few dozen blogs each, and then every 14 days or so they get together to pick out their three favorite ones.

The selection criteria varies greatly.

The Greek Princess said...

WOW! Thanks guys! So glad mine was recognized as one of the more interesting ones! :)