Saturday, February 19, 2005

Bill Gates and the Floppy Disk of Tomorrow

Maybe not quote of the month but it will serve as the quote of today. Bill Gates in an interview with Peter Jennings:

JENNINGS: The public likes this tension between you and the others as I'm sure you know. So people want to know do you have an iPod. You say you don't have. Did iPod beat you in this issue?
GATES: Oh the iPod did a great job, but what Apple's done there is typically what they do. It's their, only their one music store, only their device. What we're doing is providing choices. So it's like the Apple computer versus the PC. With the PC you can buy from many companies so you get cheaper prices, you get more variety and here with music devices we're coming in with the same. But they're a strong leader in the space and I think as we gain share, people will be surprised.

Can you hear the five year old child speaking? "Bad Apple people! Bad Apple people trying to confine MY customers to one standard. We at Microsoft are all about choices!!" Here at Superblog!! we would never dream (much) about trying to deny our visitors the opportunity to visit other blogs. Keep in mind though that all they can offer is pain, suffering and mental desintegration.


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