Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pamela Anderson is Pro-Censorship

There's an ad-campaign by PETA against furry animals going on in Shanghai. Pamela Anderson is the poster girl and the censors in China decided to cut away boobs and the rest of Pamelas body from the poster. (Me wonders, what is left of Pamela if that goes away?) Anyhoo, Pamela is now furious and demands that the kind Chinese owners of furry animals should be censored instead.

The authorities have it backwards," she said.
"After watching newly released video footage of animals on Chinese fur farms screaming and writhing in agony as their necks are broken, I think that fur farms should be censored, not the people exposing the horrific cruelty."

Pamela Anderson should learn not to treat animals disrespectfully. What have those poor furry creatures ever done to her? Why is she against little bunnies, weasels and foxes?

If the Chinamen of China cannot advertise for their products nobody will buy them and the furry animals will lose their jobs. (Growing up in a cozy cage.)

The blood of the bunnies are on your hands Pamela.

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