Monday, February 21, 2005

Superblog!! Online Until 2012 !!

So, when will it ever end? This dreadful existence that is. I have a few suggestions of my own. It shall all end when I'm tired of running it or the world will end when I decide so. Not only am I Uncle Sammy, I’m also a living God. (In case you haven’t noticed.)

Of course there are other less trustworthy predictions out there. According to the wacky Mayan star calendar the world (as we know it) will come to some kind of an end December 22, 2012. Something WILL take place that date but the theories about the true meaning of the date are as numerous as tinfoil hats. Get prepared for all kinds of scenarios here.

This website has been set up as a data-base for information about the year 2012 ( not including Olympic games and political candidates for elections and similar trivia). In the next few years, there is bound to be speculation over the possible meaning of the so-called "end of the Mayan calendar", and there are already various theories circulating, from the catastrophic to the ecstatic. In 1999, I started circulating a booklet called Beyond 2012, listing information, theories and ideas from diverse sources which predict 2012 as an evolutionary pinnacle; a leap in consciousness; a dimensional shift; an end of linear time; an encounter with an asteroid; mass genetic mutation from solar or cosmic rays; etc. The ideas come from scientists, artists, mystics, alternative Egyptologists, prophets, divinatory systems, shamanic psychonauts, mythology, and Mesoamerican research.

Grant Morrison, author of fine comics like The Invisibles, Arkham Asylum, and New X-Men has been pondering 2012 a lot. My well informed sources have told me that Grant Morrison is in love with all sorts of legal and illegal drugs so I guess that a lot of the pondering have been under the influence of fungus enhanced ketchup.

CXF: Last, but certainly not least. It's December 22, 2012. As humanity takes its last wistful look at the constraints of space-time and dives headlong into the Supercontext, where is Grant Morrison?
GM: Shagging like bloody Shiva, I hope. I think that if anything happens at all, it's most likely to come in the form of a mass consciousness change - possibly triggered by planetary electromagnetic field alterations predicted to occur around that time - so that basically everyone will start peaking on the acid trip that never ends. 'Individuality' will dissolve and your minds will start to merge into one mass mind, which is likely to seem quite frightening and overwhelming, especially for the sheltered minds, and time will seem to disappear as we identify with the mitochondria in our cells, instead of identifying with the physical individual carrier 'bodies' we use to expedite the shuffling around of DNA.

A somewhat more believable prediction is the one Mark Steyn got from the CIA. It ain't about the whole world, just covering our beloved European Union.

On the other hand, a new CIA analysis has predicted the collapse of the EU within 15 years. It's a bit unsettling to find that the guys at Langley who've got absolutely everything wrong for decades suddenly agree with me. If this pans out as most CIA analysis does, Europe is on course to be the hyperpower of the 21st century.

Let's hope so for the sake of Chirac and Schroeder and if the world is (really, really) coming to an end before 2012 you will read it at Superblog!! first.


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