Friday, February 11, 2005

Dog Bites Child, 911 Operator Tells It Like It Is

From South Florida's (via this blog):

A 911 operator in Cincinnati is facing suspension for her remark to a caller whose dog attacked a child.
The frantic mother, Samantha Osborne, dialed 911 when the family pit bull attacked her toddler.
Authorities released a tape of the 911 call, in which the operator asks Osborne what kind of dog was responsible for the attack.

911 Operator: "What kind of dog attacked him, Samantha?"
Osborne: "What kind of dog is J.D.?"
Osborne's Husband: "He's a pit bull."
Osborne: "He's a pit."
911 Operator: "Stupid people."

Nameless 911 Operator, you are the recipient of The Superblog!! Medal of Honor for Telling It Like It Is.

The boy was released from a hospital after receiving 17 stitches on his eyes and mouth, according to Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT. The dog was put down.

Poor dog. And he was only doing what comes naturally to pit bulls: trying to eat human babies. Obviously the parents should have been put to sleep instead.

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