Friday, February 18, 2005

Libertarian Blogger Poses as Girl, Gets Lots of Internet Friends

Here's a story to warm your heart: blonde chick starts stupid Libertarian blog, stupid Libertarian blog takes blogosphere by storm, blonde chick is revealed by boy detectives to look startlingly similar to a Russian mail-order bride, chick comes clean about actually being a guy, everybody laughs.

Well, no, actually. Some people are pissed, some disappointed:

I was so happy and excited to find another young libertarian woman in the blogosphere. There are so few young women in the movement -- when I go to the local Libertarian Party meetings, it's 90% men, and the other women there are all middle aged moms and lesbians.

The guy in question turns out to be the biggest loser in the whole wide world (unless, of course, this is a hoax, too):

Well I may be an unemployed man without a wife or girlfriend still living with my parents despite being over the age of 30, but at least I’m not so stupid as to think that a gorgeous young girl would be the author of a popular libertarian blog. She’d be too busy having fun.
Libertarians tend to be ugly because it’s an anti-majority philosophy. People who are attractive have an easy time going through life and derive far too many advantages from the status quo to ever question it. It’s only outsiders, who are usually ugly, who join up with fringe movements.

At least one commentator takes issue with that claim (keep in mind that irony is very hard to detect on the web):

I'm a libertarian and I am not ugly. My parents say I am handsome.

Another interesting comment (expressing thoughts shared by Superblog!!):

You know, the reason I didn't have a hard time believing it was because I actually didn't think the girl in the picture was all that hot.
Also, I think everybody is actually used to blonde, airhead, pseudo-hot women being right-wingers. Think Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Heather Macdonald, etc.

Perhaps the most important lesson learned from this adventure, if we're to believe Libertarian Girl/Guy, is how easy semi-good looking chicks have it on this here Interwebthing:

When I had a blog as my real self, no one linked to me, no one left any comments, it was as if the blog existed in a vacuum. But things were different for Libertarian Girl. Every day I’d check Technorati and discover new unsolicited links. It was like I had warped into an alternate universe where all the rules had changed. At the rate things were happening, this would have been an A-list blog in a few more months.
This effect no doubt carries over into the real world. Whenever I see an attractive woman with a successful career, I’ll remember the experience of this blog and assume that she didn’t really get there on merit, just her looks.

Incidentally, dear visitor, did you know that me and Sammy (short for Samantha) are professional supermodels? So we're hot, you see. Now link to us.


Michuli said...

If it didn't work for you, perhaps you should check the polarity of the batteries. Sometimes putting them in the frezzer for a bit will give them an extra boost :)

Koala Mentala said...

Yeah, I'll be sure to take your advice under consideration.