Monday, February 14, 2005

Nuke the Moon

This sort of reminds me of South Park episode 607: Simpsons already did it. In the wonderful world of comics everything has already been done.. As far as I know, nobody has yet nuked the moon (like outside of comic books in the real world) but the concept has been investigated by Frank J over at IMAO. You can read the whole essay: A Realistic Plan for World Peace a.k.a Nuke the Moon here.

But what to nuke? Well, usually the idea is populated cities, but, by the beliefs of my morally superior religion, killing is wrong. So why can’t we be more creative than nuking people. My idea is to nuke the moon; just say we thought we saw moon people or something. There is no one actually there to kill (unless we time it poorly) and everyone in the world could see the results. And all the other countries would exclaim, "Holy @$#%! They are nuking the moon! America has gone insane! I better go eat at McDonalds before they think I don’t like them."

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