Thursday, February 17, 2005

Britney Spears *Shocked and Horrified* That Swedes Put Cucumber Instead of Mayo on Sandwiches

In 1999, shortly after hitting it big with "...Baby One More Time" (written, produced and performed by Swedes! Bet you didn't know that!), musical genius Britney Spears, then 17, was interviewed on the radio show "Ketchup Fanclub" (not to be confused with actual ketchup, the kind that often comes with added penis).

An May, 1999 article in commie tabloid Aftonbladet claims that Britney was extremely surprised by how healthy Swedish food is, compared to American. The pop starlet said:

"They put cucumber, cheese and ham on their sandwiches. No mayonnaise... I liked it, but when I got back to the US I swallowed a lot of Freedom fries, junk food, and semen."

Okay, so that last part may have been slightly muddled in translation. But the rest is completely true. Incidentally, the Swedish word for "sandwich" - smörgås - is the root of the word "smorgasbord" (which in Swedish is smörgåsbord). Bet you didn't know that!

A traditional Swedish smörgåsbord consists of both hot and cold dishes. It is customary to begin with the cold fish dishes (generally various forms of herring, salmon, eel etc), continue with the other cold dishes, and round off with the hot dishes (of course including meatballs, and other Swedish specialties like Janssons frestelse). There may or may not be desserts.

I trust I've made my point - Britney sucks, Sweden rules! Or something like that.

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