Thursday, December 30, 2004

Our Wacky Neighbours

We get a fair amount of traffic from people who, we assume, click on "Next Blog" in the upper right-hand corner. But two can play that game! Thus, in the interest of public education, Superblog!! presents three of our Blogspot neighbours, chosen randomly in that fashion:

Musings about my life journey with faith in HIS HOLINESS, JAGADGURU SHANKARACHARYA OF KANCHI KAMAKOTI PEETHAM & my commentaries about his current predicament.

The Free Ahmed Blog
Ahmed is a young Bahraini. Like most Bahrainis, he is naive. On May 7, 2004, Ahmed was arrested on drug-related charges. He has been imprisoned at the CID headquarters since then. Ahmed is being treated as a criminal.

HUMBUGGERY - Confessions, rants, and musings of a struggling science chick
Aimee, you most TOTALLY ROCK!!!! She sent me toesy socks!!!
Aren't they adorable? Think I'm going to cry! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

May their hits increase exponentially through this exposure.

Please join us again next week for a new edition of OUR WACKY NEIGHBOURS!

1 comment:

evilsciencechick said...

whoa. just checked my referring links - thought "what the hell is superblog?" you HAVE sent some traffic my way!! and now I've found you! :)