Wednesday, February 16, 2005

We May Be the Movie Industry's Bitch, But the Record Industry is Ours

LokiTorrent's front page has been replaced with a hilariously threatening notice from the Motion Picture Association of America.

To sort of compensate for this, here's how to burn through Napster's collection for free:

0. Download and install Napster, sign up for 14 day free trial.
1. Download and install the latest version of Winamp, or if that doesn't work, get an older version
2. Download and install the Winamp Plug-in Output Stacker
3. Open Winamp Options->Plug-ins->Output->Dietmar's Output Stacker->Configure
a. Add out_ds.dll from Winamp/Plug-ins folder
b. Add out_disk.dll from Winamp/Plug-ins folder
c. Select out_disk.dll in the Output Stacker->Configure
d. Set the output directory and output file mode to Force WAV file
e. Exit preferences
4. Load downloaded Napster protected WMAs into your Winamp playlist
5. Press play and each file will be converted to WAV as it plays
6. Burn WAVs to CD with your favorite burning program

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