Saturday, February 05, 2005

Superblog 2!! The Final Frontier

It's hero time at Superblog 2!!! Apart from gay bashing and cooperating with nazis we Swedes are very busy with exploring the outer space or at least one of us is. His name is Christer Fuglesang (Christer Birdsong) and one day he will be exploring outer space from the space!! He's been quite famous in Sweden over a decade for being very near actual space experience. Our thoughts are with you Mr Fuglesang! Any day now....

Christer Fuglesang is a member of ESA’s European Astronaut Corps, whose home base is the European Astronaut Center located in Cologne, Germany. He is assigned collateral duties in the NASA-JSC Astronaut Office and most recently was assigned to the ISS Payload Branch. Currently, he is assigned to the crew of STS-116, an assembly and crew-rotation mission to the International Space Station.

Superblog 2!! - First blog on the moon!

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