Thursday, February 03, 2005

Adventures in Googling

Yes, it's time once again for Adventures in Googling, in which a fully authorized representative of Superblog!! reveals the top Google result for some random words - so you don't have to search for them yourself! Whotta service! (This is of course part of Superblog!!'s ambitious plan to eventually put Google out of business!)

baby jesus: Baby Jesus Butt Plug

Well, that was surprising.

my head hurts: Managed TrayIcon

An entry by a guy with a blog called simply "My head hurts". The entry itself is uninteresting, but I'd still say he'd deserve his Google placement - if it weren't for the fact that he hasn't updated the blog since January 6th. Slacker!

"drink from the toilet": Toilet drinking - dog drinks from toilet cat drinking from the toilet - weekly pet tips by

This is probably the most useful advice you might expect to come across when Googling for that particular phrase.

"fuck you and the horse you rode in on": Fuck you and the liberal horse you rode in

A dissection of a phrase sometimes uttered by rightwing nutjobs. (Which, incidentally, doesn't bother me because I don't own a horse.)

sexy nixon: Political Jokes: Six Presidents - Ford, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Clinton

And by a freaky coincidence (I swear, it is a coincidence!), this final link contains a joke...

6 Presidents in a sinking boat.

Ford says: What do we do?
Bush says: Man the lifeboats!
Reagan says: What lifeboats?
Carter says: Women first!
Nixon says: Screw the women!
Clinton says: You think we have time?

... that is remarkably similar to the only joke ever previously posted on Superblog!!:

A lawyer, a priest and a social worker were fleeing the Titanic.
The social worker: "We must try and save the children!"
The laywer: "Fuck the children!"
The priest: "Do you think there's time?"

It's like someone just walked over Superblog!!'s grave.

Superblog!! - Five Random Google Searches From Biting Its Own Tail

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