Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dogs Killed by Tsunami While Paris Hilton Screwed Kid Rock!!

Could it be possible?

Yes! Take a look at this first.

'Tsunami' downs 53 1/2 dogs to keep world pigout crown

One point proved already!

What about Paris Hilton and Kid Rock? Should be harder to prove, right? Absolutely not! When I investigated the biorhythmic relationship between Kid Rock and Paris Hilton there was a 92% physical match!!!
Ladies, Gentlemen and Others.... that's HUGE !!!

In comparison the physical match between
Kid Rock and Bill Gates: 63%
Kid Rock and Angelina Jolie: 7%
Kid Rock and Christina Aguilera: 4%

The real killer comes here! Physical match between Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson is 54%
In other words, it's more likely that Kid Rock and Bill Gates are having consensual sex than what the case is with Kid Rock and his wife.
With these figures in mind it is risk free to assume that Kid Rock and Paris Hilton are mating on a daily basis. For instance on the very day Tsunami downed the dogs.

I rest my case.

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Koala Mentala said...

You make a convincing case. I smell a new dawn for investigating journalism on the web.