Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shark Tale da Movie

Just finished watching Shark Tale and now I feel empty, shallow and more deranged than usual. Will Smith does the voice for the leading fish - Oscar. One problem is that Oscar looks more like Will Smith than a fish or perhaps Will Smith looks more like a fish than a person? So confusing... Another problem is that they have created almost all of Oscar's character by modelling the talk and moves from the fresh prince himself, mr Will Smith. Not so creative in my opinion. I want more genuine fish acting please! However, the CGI is cool (very colourful indeed) but the story is thin and the references it makes are too obvious.

Update! ! Shark Tale gets 2 Michael Keatons out of 5.


Moocko said...

Hey, Sammy, you piece of shit! How could they have made the references LESS obvious?! Just wondering! Love you / Your Biggest Fan

Uncle Sammy said...

That' easy. They could have used their computers and their brains.

Uncle Sammy said...
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