Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fun with Biorhytmic Compatibility (Homosexual Edition)

I couldn't resist continuing the look at various celebrities' compatibility when it comes to biorhytmic patterns.

Compatibility of Carmen Electra with Britney Spears
Physical 78%
Emotional 0%
Intellectual 5%
Overall 28%

There seems to be enough of a physical connection for Carmen and Britney to perhaps make a decent porn video together, which is good news for devotees of hot lesbian sex. But ZERO percent emotional compatibility clearly indicates that a relationship between the two could never last. There's also an enormous intellectual gap between them (Carmen is obviously much smarter). Too bad.

Compatibility of David Letterman with Jay Leno
Physical 49%
Emotional 60%
Intellectual 56%
Overall 55%

Hmm. The scores are about as could be expected, I'd say. They're too dissimilar to be friends, not dissimilar enough to be lovers.

Compatibility of Kim Jong Il with Michael Moore
Physical 5%
Emotional 98%
Intellectual 89%
Overall 64%

Okay, so the physical attraction's not there, but check out the emotional and intellectual scores! If they could get past the skin-deep differencies, this could be True Love. Jeez, maybe Dubya's minions were right about Moore?

On the other hand, they're not ones to talk:

Compatibility of George W. Bush with Saddam Hussein
Physical 99%
Emotional 94%
Intellectual 65%
Overall 86%

The intellectual score's a bit off (Saddam never went to Yale), but the rest... Fucking hell, George! Why don't you just marry Saddam?


Kilroy Trout said...

Superbly researched and confirms my suspicions.

Koala Mentala said...

Thanks, man. That makes it all worth it, even the scars.