Friday, August 19, 2005

On the Stormy Sea, No One Can Hear You Scream

Except for your fellow passengers, of course. And the crew. And seagulls and walruses, and Michael Keaton, who hears all. This movie poster, like all movie posters, lies. Filthy lying movie poster! Sigourney Weaver will not accompany Superblog!! on its third trip on the Ship of Death to Åland, this weekend. A couple of other people have been invited to join us, but I predict they won't show up - because they are pussies. Instead we will have to harass strangers we meet on the boat.

Fun Fact: Did you know that on Superblog!!'s first trip to Åland, we saw a guy on a bike get hit by a truck?! (Also we had our picture taken by Anna Book.)

And on the next trip (live report available here), perhaps not quite as dramatic or exciting, we saw a mysterious man wandering about, trying doors that were locked!!

(Come to think of it, the most exciting thing that happened on that trip was that Superman - or a guy dressed like him - was on the same bus as we on the way to Stockholm. The most dramatic thing was probably the crying little girl who promised to commit suicide because of her domestic situation. But rest assured everything worked out in the end, and today that little girl is not only still alive, but now she's the Princess of Sweden!!) (Okay, so that last part was a lie.)

This time, we will catch a Lost Soul and photograph him or her. Unless the waves swallow us whole before we have a chance. Which they surely will. They don't call it the Ship of Death for nothing, you know.

And that would be fitting, because this blog entry is overflowing with internal links, so much so that it almost seems like a "Best of Superblog!!" round-up or something. Could this be the end... of everything?

*Sob* Is this the last you'll ever hear of Superblog!!...?


Matthew said...

This entry is like an episode of a sitcom where the family gets together over a photo album and says, "Hey remember when..." and then it cuts to clips from other episodes. I think those are the best episodes ever.

Anonymous said...

we're drinking sake and cider and if this is the last from superblog, i'll die...


Anonymous said...

The mission is not over super blog you must form a govt for the blogger community!

Sara said...

This post was blog-tastic. I mean it.

Koala Mentala said...

Sara: Thank you very much.

Matthew: No, those episodes suck something fierce.

Lamar Owens: You will die eventually regardless, to make way for new and better people. It's the circle of life.